Sunday, January 20, 2013

MUGEN game yang mengusik jiwa

Selamat sore..hehe...Hari ini aku memang happy sangat2 dan aku ingin berkongsi aku ingin menunjukkan sesuatu kepada anda.MUGEN adalah salah satu platform fightting game freeware.Ad kt Softonic je..Tapi x lengkap..Dan sekarang ini aku tengah update dia punya character. Sedikit maklumat mengenai MUGEN ini

As you probably know, Elecbyte asked for donations for their WinMUGEN project, to buy a software compiler. Then, on April 14 2004, they released MUGEN for Linux, abandoning DOS MUGEN.

Those who donated were e-mailed a secret link to a password-protected website that contained a downloadable private beta version of WinMUGEN.

WinMUGEN is the same as Linux MUGEN, except for the following.
1. A transparent box with the following message:
"M.U.G.E.N 2002.04.14 PRIVATE MU TEST.

2. Limited Features.
It accepted only 2 characters to be on the select screen at the same time. It also had limitations for the number of stages, and most play modes were disabled. There was no full motif support either.
Mohon google translate sape yg x pndai BI ye...=p
Electrobyte skang ni dah lingkup.So yang tinggal peminat2 tegarny sahaja. Dan berita baek nya MUGEN IS FREE FOR EDITED

ini snapshoot ny ckit

best game ni.ingat time guna tape.kat rumah takde,so pegi umah sampai maghrib.balik2 kena marah.hmmm. i really miss my childhood life..

Enjoy Reading ye..muaaahhhxx


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